Medusa Thigh Tattoo Meaning

Medusa Thigh Tattoo Meaning

For those of you who don’t know, medusa is a very significant character and part of the greek mythology and is looked upon as a symbol of femininity and freedom by many. These medusa tattoos will look splendid on body because of the rich history behind the character of medusa.

25 Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

An atlas tattoo brings with it a lot of mythological significance, symbolizing strength and power.

Medusa thigh tattoo meaning. The medusa on his neck is a signature tattoo for him and the snakes are also seen as a part of team razer’s logo. This tattoo reminds and motivates you to tackle every situation and turn odds in your favor. What does a medusa tattoo mean?

But as this tattoo is on the thigh it is not always visible. Medusa can be depicted as a horrifying hag or as a beautiful maiden depending on the image’s aimed tone. They could also use the tattoo to mean that people who get to close to them usually get hurt.

According to greek mythology, medusa was a monster who possessed a hideous face and poisonous snakes instead of hair. Medusa is a gorgon from greek mythology who has snakes instead of hair and can turn anyone who looks at her into stone. Atlas tattoos designs, ideas and meaning.

Medusa might feature more of a feminine side, but the meanings associated with this tattoo relate to both men and women. Medusa tattoos were initially common among women but now are equally popular among men as well. Everyone has a wild side, no matter how calm and innocent you may appear to be.

The thigh is one such location that might also be considered pretty feminine and sexy for women but men too can get their medusa tattoo on the thigh as it represents strength. Here hair is made of venomous snakes and her face is that of a beautiful monster. The face of the monster is similar to a creature while many venomous snakes create her own hair.

Meanings like freedom, evil, transformation, and hope, apply to both genders. But, it’s not a good choice to earn respect for other people with fear. Maybe you identify as a hunter, either spiritually or by trade.

Medusa tattoos symbolize femininity and protection against evil. The front of his neck has the tattoo of medusa’s face on it with snakes on either side of his neck. For those of you who don’t know, medusa is a very significant character and part of the greek mythology and is looked upon as a symbol of femininity and freedom by many.

The thigh is the best place for making tattoos both of large scale and great orientation. She wasn’t a cuddly folklore image and none of the tattoos reflect that because it just simply wasn’t her character. Medusa mythology greek tattoo sleeve design:

She’s a mythical monster and also the daughter of phorcys and ceto. Inking inspired by historical mythology. Thigh tattoos are very popular in the female world.

Even with her cracked face and slithery snakes there are those who would sympathize with her fate, the medusa. Want a tattoo to represent women empowerment? Medusa scary pattern tattoo designs:

Discover the wildness in you by getting this amazing tattoo. Another celestial bear story, this time in greek mythology. At the end of the day, your tattoo represents what you want it to represent, but in general, the medusa tattoos symbolize:

There will always be plenty […] In fact, according to greek mythology, atlas is believed to be the god of astronomy. See more ideas about medusa tattoo, medusa, medusa art.

This medusa head tattoo design on the thigh is very scary and dangerous. The medusa tattoo is meant to shock and awe. This tattoo represents love, protection as well female wisdom that’s why this is the best medusa tattoo.

In that case, a nanuk tattoo would be a perfect choice. Medusa tattoos can symbolize female power, and she’s seen as a feminist image. Zombie medusa tattoo on thigh.

This is a tattoo of someone that hasn’t dealt with all of their demons yet and maybe socially shy or uncomfortable. If you value courage and fearlessness, then you can opt for perseus and medusa tattoos. The primary symbol of medusa is the fear and anger.

Medusa tattoo is highly unique, so you should get it on a tattoo spot where it is clearly visible. Fundamentally, medusa is a personality from the greek mythology. She even appeared on the armor of some of the world’s most feared warriors.

Even a single look will bring you mischief and turn you into stone. If you decide to get a bear tattoo based on nanook, you are inviting some very powerful energy into your life. She is also linked to the thoughts of flexibility and change, or evil and envy.

Anyone who was so unfortunate as to stare in the face of this mythical creature would have been instantly turned into stone. The best feature of medusa was her hair, which was made of snakes. A well executed medusa tattoo can offer an impressive look.

This angry looking zombie medusa is gory and fear factor seems to be the main element pursued in this design. For those who seek fearful designs then this is the medusa to ink on the thigh or back. In fact, the thigh is one of the least painful areas of the body because of a lot of fat and muscles and not many nerve endings.

Home / mythology / atlas tattoos designs, ideas and meaning. A medusa tattoo design is perfect for individuals who value freedom, transformation, and the cycle of life. You have got to try out this medusa thigh tattoo.

Inking inspired by historical mythology. To represent feminism medusa tattoo is the best way. For example ancient greek warriors used her as an emblem on their shields to terrifie was an intimidation and protection symbol.

In greece mythology, medusa was a monster with heavy powers, mainly those of switching men into stone with one look. In greek language, the name medusa actually had a positive connotation. It meant guardian and people often used her image to ward off danger.

The medusa mythology is an ancient greek belief that a creature, called as medusa is the daughter of phorcys and cet. She is a classic character and getting a tattoo by a professional tattoo artist that depicts her in her original way can really be a great idea for a greek tattoo design. Medusa tattoos designs, ideas and meaning.

Snakes around her show the power of attacking and innocent face show love. These medusa tattoos will look splendid on body because of the rich history behind the character of medusa. She was a very fierce creature who channeled her anger towards people and turned them to stone.

With this medusa tattoo meaning, owners might want to give off the impression that they are unapproachable.

25 Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

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