Where to Watch Free Horror Movies Online (2024)

Horror truly seems to be more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking for something new to watch, or if you want to fire up an old favorite, there are a multitude of streaming sites and apps to help you. Even better, if you’re someone particularly focusing on watching free horror movies online, you won’t find this filter to be lacking.

Depending upon your taste, you won’t have to even consider paying for horror for a good long while, if you stick to this list of where you can watch free horror movies online.

Free Horror Movies Streaming

7. The Roku Channel

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The Roku Channel goes pretty deep selection-wise. The range covers fan favorite films like Return of the Living Dead and John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing, as well as movies such as the 80s cult classic Waxwork, to any number of seemingly endless Howling or Children of the Corn sequels.

The service also offers numerous horror-centric TV shows, as well as several live channels showing different flavors of the genre 24/7. Fanatics may want to look somewhere else, if you’re the kind of person who wants to see the horror movies currently flying under the radar.

The Roku Channel doesn’t have the largest library of free horror movies to stream, but it’s got enough to keep most fans entertained.

6. Pluto TV

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A longtime source of free content, including hundreds of horror films covering many interests, Pluto TV remains popular with good reason. While it’s perhaps best known for offering a few hundred free-with-ads streaming channels, covering every imaginable genre, interest, or even the desire to watch an entire channel dedicated to one TV show, Pluto has a strong on-demand section, too. Their selection is often surprising, with tons of movies that can’t be found anywhere else.

While DTV releases and low budget releases dominate, there’s a lot of material that many would consider first-run, including horror. Remember as well that if you don’t feel like digging around for something to watch, Pluto TV has several distinct dedicated horror channels, including one dominated by major horror releases like The Devil’s Rejects.

5. Scream Factory TV

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Shout Factory has long been a champion of famous, infamous, and particularly forgotten horror. That mindset extends nicely into their horror-specific streaming service Scream Factory TV.

Available through the Shout Factory TV app as its own unique entity, Scream Factory streams titles from their own library all day every day. While the streaming channel itself runs such movies as Body Bags, Asylum, and The Devil’s Rain, some might find a specific curated channel limiting.

Remember that Scream Factory’s main home Shout Factory TV has tons of horror and cult classics on demand, as well as episodes of adjacent interests like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Elvira’s Movie Macabre.

4. Crackle

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While Crackle’s selection may not immediately jump out to you with recognizable titles, you can be sure there’s quite a bit to watch after giving them a proper browse.

Like some of the other free streaming services for horror fans, Crackle is a general interest movie streaming site. Their horror section in particular offers at least a few hundred possibilities, including a few you may know, including the original Day of the Dead and Phantasm. However, unless you really know your horror movies, you’re likely to be surrounded by dozens and dozens of titles you may not know.

If you’re eager for new discoveries in the horror genre, Crackle can surprise you with the films spotlighted. Not just recent DTV releases either. Crackle has obscurities from virtually every decade of film, with the likes of neglected Bela Lugosi titles, Italian ripoffs from the 70s, and faded 80s slashers.

3. Freevee

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Once known as IMDB TV, Freevee is now part of Amazon. While you don’t need a Prime account to watch Freevee, or even an Amazon account, having either of those things will allow you to save progress on whatever you’re watching. This is true of most free streaming services with the option to sign in. Registering simply means a more streamlined experience with personalized recommendations.

On the horror front, Freevee is quite impressive. Stir of Echoes and The Exorcist III are two good examples of the level of quality you’re going to find here. For more recent releases, you can find movies such as 2020’s The Invisible Man, Terrifier, or Mohawk.

While it’s true that many of the titles on Freevee can be found on other free streaming horror services, Freevee has a number of exclusives to make them worthy of your attention.

2. YouTube

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YouTube can be an excellent source of free horror. Their selection can be broken down into two categories. First there are the movies you can stream for free through YouTube themselves. The selection here can be varied, ranging from the intriguing and underrated like Cooties and The New Daughter, to classics like Train to Busan and Carrie.

You also have YouTube channels hosting full and uncut horror movies. This is where using YouTube can pay off for those looking for the obscure and underrated. Major channels like Kings of Horror and Horror Central offer hundreds of choices you’ve likely never heard of.

1. Tubi

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Ask any dedicated horror fan for the best place to watch free horror movies online, and there’s a good chance Tubi is going to be at the top of their list. At any given time, there’s upwards of a thousand movies available to stream that’s just horror. Tubi’s library is massive and very, very deep.

Just keep in mind that everything comes with ads. However, these ads aren’t too terribly intrusive, compared to other options, and the films themselves generally seem to be presented uncut.

Tubi can be a great place to discover your new favorite horror film. From obscure gems and ultra-low-budget schlockfests, to established classics like Suspiria, The Changeling, Teeth, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tubi is a great place to start searching for something to watch.

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Where to Watch Free Horror Movies Online (2024)
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