College Basketball Picks and Predictions at OddsTrader (2024)

Free College Basketball Computer Picks

Computer picks are generated by data. OddsTrader’s individual picks are each made with millions of calculations to assess the strengths of both teams, factoring in past performance and game situations. We then use these simulations to predict outcomes and NCAAB scores and to provide data-driven insights.

Our NCAAB computer picks are given on each team covering the point spread as well as the total.

What is the best site for college basketball predictions?

OddsTrader is the top pick for college basketball predictions, thanks to its advanced computer algorithms that sift through numerous data points and run simulations to produce highly accurate game forecasts. This innovative method reduces bias, delivering trustworthy, objective predictions to bettors. OddsTrader comes equipped with a full array of tools to support well-informed betting choices.

NCAAB Score Predictions

College basketball score predictions provide insights on the expected outcomes of upcoming games, focusing on the final scores. These forecasts are essential for bettors, shedding light on the potential direction of a game.

A mix of betting sites, sports analysts and computer models provide these college basketball score predictions to assist fans and bettors with their decision-making. While the precision of these forecasts can differ, they serve as a helpful guide, not a surefire prediction of the outcome.

Explore the Best NCAA Basketball Bets Today

College basketball computer picks are a valuable resource to help you make the best bets on college basketball. Our NCAAB computer picks account for an outstanding amount of data which yields a score prediction. You can use that expected result to play both sides of the spread and college basketball totals.

Moneyline Computer Picks

Moneyline bets are among the most straightforward types of bets in college basketball. A moneyline wager is a straight-up wager on which college basketball team will win an NCAAB game.

For your college basketball moneyline picks, you can use OddsTrader’s algorithm to bet on the team that the computer predicts to win at any of the top college basketball betting sites.

Against the Spread Computer Picks

Betting against the spread is not the same as betting on the moneyline. For example, with our NCAAB ATS picks, one can bet on the underdog to cover the spread and win even if the underdog loses outright.

Playing the spread means betting on the favored team to win by a minimum number of points or on the underdog not to lose by a maximum number of points. By looking at college basketball against the spread computer picks, you can place a spread bet on a matchup in college basketball with more confidence.

Point Total Computer Picks

Playing the total means predicting whether both teams will combine for a score output that exceeds or remains lower than the posted over/under number from the sportsbooks.

If you’re interested in this bet type, check out OddsTrader’s college basketball point total computer picks before betting on the over or the under in order to have a better idea of what to expect.

Player Props Computer Picks

Instead of betting on college basketball scores or game outcomes, you can bet on individual player performances with college basketball props.

OddsTrader’s college basketball picks for player props yield insight into games with high-scoring potential so you can explore the player props betting markets.

Computer Picks for Parlay Wagers

It might happen that winning one game at a time just isn’t enough for you and you want to maximize your profits. Or, for instance, the spreads and moneylines are very “chalky ” on a given day.

If you feel confident in multiple games or you want to improve the betting odds value of your plays, a parlay bet is a perfect way of doing so.

OddsTrader’s college basketball parlay computer picks can help you determine which sides and totals to stack together.

Resources & Betting Tips for Using NCAAB Picks

Because there are multiple different aspects to NCAAB betting, many collegiate sports fans take advantage of tools and knowledge before placing any bets.

There are numerous resources that college basketball betting experts and newcomers alike can utilize when betting on the multitude of college basketball regular season matches and the biggest games of the season, including the College Basketball Championship game. These resources include:

College Basketball Game Odds for This Week

You can see the listing for a given day’s slate of college basketball matches along with the spread and total for each game so you can compare them against the college basketball picks provided by the OddsTrader algorithm.

An overview like the one provided by this NCAAB odds page is necessary because there are so many NCAA basketball games to choose from. Simply scan the respective college basketball odds for the games on any given day and decide if any of them interest you.

You can also see how the betting lines differ across the top college basketball betting sites.

It is recommended to register with multiple online sportsbooks because some shops might offer more attractive betting lines for a given side or total than other sportsbooks.

Against the Spread Season Records

A team’s straight-up record is not enough for a sports bettor to consider because it doesn’t account for a team’s ATS performance.

In viewing a team’s ATS ranking, you can see whether oddsmakers are giving teams too much or too little respect.

Check out how each team is performing against the spread (ATS). Oddsmakers are slow to make adjustments, so you can use ATS records to capitalize on teams that oddsmakers are still over- or underrating.

This is a very important element that you can use when looking at how the college basketball picks could fare against the spread for a specific team.

Weekly Public Betting Consensus

For a given side or total, some portion of the public will be on one play and the rest of the public will take the other. The public betting consensus is the side or total that the majority of the public thinks will win.

It is a common thought that one should go against the public. You would be mistaken, however, to always bet the opposite of the public consensus as shown by betting statistics.

Still, most bettors lose, so if you like a play and you find that the college basketball consensus is against it, then you can feel more confident.

Daily College Basketball Injury Report

The player injury report is an extremely useful source of information for placing college basketball bets. Every day, you can see which players are going to miss their team’s game.

NCAA basketball fans need to know who is playing before they make their sports betting picks because an injury to a starting player will most likely have an impact on the final score.

Injuries throughout the season also impact college basketball picks and predictions for big events like March Madness.

In order to bet on or against certain teams or to bet on totals in certain college basketball matchups, one has to know who is or isn’t available prior to the start of the game.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NCAAB

The smartest and most successful sportsbooks know that they should be reliable because it is the attested sportsbooks that customers want to do business with. All of our top-rated online sportsbooks offer competitive college basketball betting lines, quick payouts, excellent bonuses and much more.

Shopping around to get the best college basketball selections and odds on the betting favorite teams and the underdogs can help to significantly grow your bankroll throughout the entire college basketball season.


Navigating the college basketball season requires more than just a passion for the game; it demands a strategic approach underpinned by accurate information and a keen understanding of betting dynamics.

Whether you’re placing a straightforward moneyline bet, exploring spreads or delving into the complexities of point totals and player props, the guidance provided by OddsTrader can serve as your compass, directing you towards more profitable outcomes.

College Basketball Picks: Frequently Asked Questions

Is college basketball betting legal?

In the United States, some areas may have restrictions specifically on college sports. If sports betting is legal in your state, then you can check OddsTrader’s list of recommended sportsbooks to see which ones are offering college basketball betting lines in your state.

Is basketball hard to bet on?

Betting on basketball, like any sport, can be challenging due to unpredictability, player injuries and team performance variability. Success requires understanding the game, teams and players, as well as analyzing trends and data. Data-driven sports picks can help with analyzing trends and statistics.

How do you predict basketball accurately?

Predicting basketball accurately involves analyzing various factors such as a team’s win-loss record, player statistics, injuries and matchups. Utilizing advanced statistical models and algorithms, along with expertise, can help forecast outcomes when placing bets on college basketball. However, due to the inherent unpredictability of sports, perfect accuracy is not guaranteed.

How can I win by betting on college basketball?

College basketball computer picks can help you make the best bets on NCAA games because they analyze large swathes of data in seconds. Being able to consider a wide range of factors without room for human bias helps computers create accurate college basketball predictions.

Do college basketball computer picks always win?

While college basketball computer picks are a valuable resource that can help make you more likely to win bets, they do not always win. These college basketball picks are one resource among other valuable resources that can provide you with a deeper analysis of the most likely outcomes.

How many games per team during the college basketball season?

Each team typically plays around 30 games, accounting for the fact that some teams will qualify for some form of postseason play and may also advance far. The exact number will differ due to a variety of factors.

College Basketball Picks and Predictions at OddsTrader (2024)
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